No to Escalation in Afghanistan! U.S. Troops, Drones & Mercenaries Out Now!

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US Out of Afghanistan

Come out! Come out, wherever you are, and take a stand against endless war and aggression.  After 16 years, it is long past time to leave Afghanistan.   

Join us in a national mobilization, October 2- October 8.

Stop War! Who died? Who Lied? Who Pays? Who Profits?

photo from JSC: Jamaica Solidarity With Cuba

Sixteen years ago, the US began a war of vengeance against Afghanistan on October 6, 2011. Two weeks ago, on the eve of Donald Trump’s speech describing his plans to renew the war in Afghanistan, Matthew Hoh, a military veteran and former state department official with extensive experience in Afghanistan wrote*:

There has never been progress by the U.S. military in Afghanistan, unless you are asking the U.S. military contractors or the Afghan drug barons, of whom an extremely large share are our allies in the Afghan government, militias and security forces, there has only been suffering and destruction.

He went on to say:

Similarly, any progress in reconstructing or developing Afghanistan has been found to be non existent despite the more than $100 billion spent by the United States on such efforts by the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR). $100 billion, by the way, is more money than was spent on the Marshall Plan when that post-WWII reconstruction plan is put into inflation adjusted dollars.


You would be hard pressed to find many Afghans outside of the incredibly corrupt and illegitimate government, a better definition of a kleptocracy you will not find, that the U.S. keeps in power with its soldiers and $35 billion a year, who would agree with the statements of the American politicians, the American generals and the pundits [who say that “the U.S. military has done great things for the Afghan people”].

So, don’t be shy.   Come out and let the world know that you want to see this war end now!

Hold a rally, a vigil or a town hall meeting.  Show a film or have a talk with your congressional representative. Petition President Trump.  Do something to show your resistance to the continued US military occupation of Afghanistan.

White or Black, native born or immigrant, lets come out in solidarity to make a statement.   All of us who are tired of seeing our resources squandered on foreign wars that kill and maim and destroy other people’s lands, come out and take a stand.

Endorse this campaign.     Come to this page and register your action.  Then, let us know how it went.   Stand up and be counted.  See who is out there with you.

*Lies on Afghanistan by Matthew Hoh