No to Escalation in Afghanistan! U.S. Troops, Drones & Mercenaries Out Now!

What Are We Thinking

Gar Smith of Environmentalists Against War wrote:

The Pentagon’s record in Afghanistan provides iron-clad evidence that war does not work. Nor does provocation and endless escalation. It’s all a con to maintain the profits of the US munitions and weapons industries. We have ceased being a Representative Democracy. We now stand revealed as a Corporate Militocracy.

Gary Mesker of Veterans for Peace, Salt Lake Chapter 118 wrote:

We VFP members in Sal Lake City are opposed to the murder of more Afghan civilians and the waste of more young American lives resulting from this continuing illegal assault on Afghanistan

Herbert J Hoffman wrote:

Invasion of Afghanistan was a major strategic error. This was further compounded by the increasing amounts of troops that were added.
This nation must not continue to compound the strategic errors. Time to get out!

Michael Caggiano of Peace Action San Mateo County wrote:

We are 100% behind your efforts. Our weekly vigil almost always includes the ending of foreign military adventures and the repurposing of funds to peaceful endeavors.

Suzanne Al-Kayali of Women Against Military Madness wrote:


Sushila Cherian wrote:

The U.S should not be escalating the war in Afghanistan – no more blood and treasure should be spilled. No more drone assassinations that create more enemies and more blowback attacks.

Ellen Rosser of World Peace Now wrote:

The invasion of Afghanistan was based on a lie, just as was the invasion of Iraq.
Bush said the Taliban were harboring terrorists. In reality, Mullah offered to turn Osama Bin Laden over to a third neutral country for a trial by an Islamic court. That offer conforms to international law. Bush refused, and invaded to overthrow the Taliban. The Taliban had come into existence to stop the rape of women, and did so. They also stopped the growing of opium poppies and the rape of little boys by pedophile warlords. Under the US rule, women are raped, Afghanistan exports 90% of the world’s opium, and two US Marines were court marshaled for trying to help the little boys being raped by a US ally warlord! The US should get out and give the country back to its rightful government–the Taliban.

Janet Weil of Veterans for Peace wrote:

I am an lifetime affiliate member of Veterans for Peace, and a longtime antiwar/pro-peace activist. For 3 years I served on the Afghanistan working group of UFPJ, and I organized the first (to my knowledge) protest of Obama’s troop escalation in Afghanistan in March 2009. High time to re-focus on Afghanistan.

Pat Elder wrote:

Go to and click on the “resistance” button on top. This is my message to you. Thanks for doing this!   He’s written a book, “Military Recruiting in the United States”,  and he’d like you to know more about it.

Traian Cainaru of PEF wrote:

Money for human needs not for war!

Barby Ulmer of Our Developing World wrote:

The people of Afghanistan did nothing to the US but they’ve lived with war by the US for 16 years and before that with Russia and before that was it the UK? These poor people need peace. War has only killed many innocents and made life miserable for all.

Margaret Faubion  of Vancouver wrote:

Stop the Empire from its murderous rampage against the planet and the people. 7 wars now, and lusting for war with North Korea and Iran! It won’t stop until WE stop it.

Blase Bonpane of Office of the Americans wrote:

Citizens of Planet Earth . . .  UNITE!  We have nothing to lose but our planet.

Rosmarie Pace of Pax Christi Metro NY wrote:

We will be joining War Resisters League, Catholic Worker, and others to endless war.

Mark D. Stansbery of the Community Organizing Center for Mother Earth wrote:

For over 16 years resistance to the Afghanistan War and Occupation continues, the State Dept., CIA, CIA, and other limited minded thinkers have left out the left and women’s voices in policy formation. We must assert our voices strongly so that policy of aggression and militarism will transform to nonviolence and liberation.

Shel Horowitz wrote:

Peace is crucial. Nonviolent resistance is crucial. I do not accept that there is any normalcy to this administration. See you in the streets.

Jane Jeffries of Project Nature Connect, LA wrote:

Give PEACE a chance.

Angela Smith of Human Earth Animal Liberation wrote:

I support peaceful and diplomatic solutions. No more war!

Robert Stebbins wrote:

Peace in Afghanistan can be achieved only through negotiation between all parties currently involved, including USA.

Cassia Laham of POWIR wrote:

The United States’ war against the people of Afghanistan is now the longest foreign war in this country’s history. October marks the 16th anniversary of that war, and Donald Trump has already introduced a troop surge and has promised even more troops and advisers on the ground.

U.S bombs do not bring peace or justice, only death and destruction. Our troops have no place in Afghanistan. We demand an end to this racist, illegal, and deadly imperialist war!

Bernard Trautvetter of Essen Peace Forum in Germany wrote:

Peace is international.
So are we.

Jane Jeffries of Project Nature Connect wrote:

The Earth is our Mother. War destroys her and US.

Steve Books of Veterans for Peace, wrote:

16 years of war in Afghanistan with nothing learned from past war globally. A Catastrophe.